Fees - Struan House Price List


RENT (per week) from 1st September 2019

  • Single en-suite room £150

  • Single room with shared bathroom £130

  • Twin room (lower mezzanine level, large) £115

  • Twin room (upper mezzanine level, small) £110

  • Extra night £30

There is a non-refundable booking fee of £50. Only upon receipt of your payment will your place at the residence be secured.

Upon arrival, a deposit of £200 is required as a cash payment. This will be returned on the day of your departure subject to an inspection of your room. Any damage sustained during the time of your stay will be charged and the sum deducted from your deposit.

For a two weeks reservation, we require a room deposit of £100 but if you extend your stay you will be asked to add another £100 to your room deposit. 

Rent must be paid one week in advance by cash or bank transfer.

Card payments are not accepted.

In case of any absence, rent payment in advance is required for the complete period of absence.

In case of an approved room change, a one-off fee of £20 will be charged.

Laundry charge: the washing machine works with 3 x £1 coins, the tumble dryer with 2 x £1 coins.

If your room keys are lost, there is a £40 charge to replace them.

Residents must give 2 weeks’ notice from the new leaving date in the case of an early departure or a penalty of one week’s rent will be charged.

For further information please check our guidelines.


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